Jean Denton is a Principal of IFS who has over twenty years of experience working in the legislative arena, with a particular expertise in dealing with the appropriations process.  Her work with a diverse group of clients brings a well-rounded knowledge of issues, which is extremely helpful in understanding and impacting the legislative process.

Ms. Denton specializes in identifying federal policy and funding opportunities for her clients and has in-depth knowledge of the legislative process from drafting of legislative provisions to development of strategy and throughout her career Jean has developed a number of appropriations and authorization proposals, prepared policy papers, and guided appropriations and policy legislation through Congress.

She served as Senior Legislative Assistant to Congressman Bill Lowery and was responsible for issues related to his assignment to the House Appropriations Committee.  This first-hand knowledge of how the Appropriations Committee operates provides a vital link to developing strategy for pursuing federal funding.  In her government affairs practice, Ms. Denton has been able to bring to her clients a depth of experience in the federal legislative process, with emphasis on national security, state and local funding issues, transportation and technology projects.