an independent senior advisor affiliated with Innovative Federal Strategies LLC

Alycia Farrell joins Innovative Federal Strategies as a Senior Advisor after serving on Capitol Hill for 14 years with the Senate Appropriations Committee. After graduating with a degree in International Affairs from the Elliott School at the George Washington University, she joined the Committee as a staff assistant for the Defense Subcommittee under the chairmanship of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. During this time, she was granted the opportunity to gain an intimate knowledge of state priorities and the inner workings of the Appropriations process. She was quickly promoted to Professional Staff and worked on the Military Construction Subcommittee, chaired by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas.

In March 2003, she moved back to the Defense subcommittee and would begin building a portfolio for the next 12 years that would include oversight of: military pay and allowances; Department of Defense medical programs; analysis of the TRICARE budget and shaping of the acquisition mandate for the interoperable Electronic Health Record; equipping of the National Guard and Reserve components; missile and weapon system procurement; funding for world-wide humanitarian disaster and relief recovery; and nuclear programs such as the TRIDENT missile. Her true passion proved to be in the missile defense world, as she has an intimate knowledge of the budgeting and operational architecture of the missile defense shield, from the ground based systems of GMD (Ground-based Missile Defense) and Patriot to space-based elements such as the STSS demonstrators (Space Tracking and Surveillance System). In total, Alycia was responsible for oversight and review of over $180 billion requested annually by the President for the Department of Defense, and played an integral role in the annual passage of the Defense Appropriations Act, from 2003 to 2014 despite changes in party leadership, complex political dynamics and intense funding constraints and budget pressure.

While serving on the Defense Subcommittee, Alycia worked to include direction for the management and funding of the iEHR, (interoperable Electronic Health Record) as a provision in the Defense Appropriations bill. This will require the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to integrate veteran health records and establish interoperability for critical health data for service members before, during and after their time in service.

Along with this portfolio she gained extensive knowledge on Arctic, defense and energy affairs within the State of Alaska. She established solid working relationships with her Democratic colleagues, her House counterparts and those that mirrored her issue areas on the Senate and House Armed Services Committee.

Alycia has been an active participant in seminars with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) in their Executive Overview Workshop and completed two courses with the Naval War College Fleet Seminar Program. She has served as a guest speaker for Emerson College, the Army War College and the Air Force Reserve Legislative Conference.