Letitia White is a Principal of IFS who served as a key staff member in the House of Representatives with 22 years of federal service.  Having worked in both the House and the Senate, she has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the federal legislative process.  As a result, she has long-standing relationships with a number of Members of Congress, their staff, and professional staff members on many Congressional Committees.

As a principal of IFS, she represents, before Congress and the executive branch, a number of major corporations as well as a significant number of smaller high-technology companies and non-profit organizations to include the Battelle Memorial Institute.  She also represents various municipalities and local governmental agencies, such as the City of Banning and Inland Empire Utilities Agency.  Letitia has a keen interest in mentoring small businesses, to include both representing their interests and assisting them in networking to achieve synergy on common objectives.

Letitia White has expertise in aerospace, commercial and military aviation, and remotely operated aircraft systems and sensors.  She also has a wide range of experience in domestic issues and has worked very closely with cities, counties, hospitals, and water districts on a variety of their requirements such as flood control, water conservation, all modes of transportation and funding, community and economic development, hospital infrastructure, healthcare, and welfare programs.  Her extensive work in these areas has rounded out this firm’s ability to provide a wide range of services to its clients on programs in multiple government departments and agencies.

She began her career in Congress with the late Senator John Heinz (D-PA).  For many years she worked for Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-CA), the former Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Within Congressman Lewis’ office Letitia served in most of the functions typically found in a Congressional office.  When Congressman Lewis served in a leadership position in the Republican Party in the early 1990s, Letitia served as his Senior Policy Advisor for the House Republican conference.  Since very few of the 435 Members of Congress attain House leadership positions, she was afforded a valuable and unique perspective on not only appropriations, but the entire legislative process.

To support Congressman Lewis in his role on the House Appropriations Committee, Letitia was at various times his primary staff for appropriations issues in the Defense, Legislative Operations, Transportation, Energy and Water Development, and Interior appropriations bills.  When Congressman Lewis became Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, Letitia served as his Appropriations Associate, which among other duties, required daily interaction with 10 subcommittee staff members, some of whom remain on the Committee today.  She acted with and for Congressman Lewis to prepare his questions for hearings, and in his meetings with Members of Congress, high-ranking officials of the executive branch, constituents, and Congressional staff members.  To perform effectively she formed long-term relationships with Congressional staff in Members offices, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, and the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Letitia has strong relationships with members of both parties.  In December 2013, Defense News mentioned Letitia’s work in their 100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense.  In December 2011, National Journal and the First Street Research Group named her one of the 30 most powerful lobbyists in Washington.  Letitia White has also been named by The Hill newspaper as one of the top eight Defense lobbyists in Washington, DC.  She is a graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and attended Richmond University in London, England.